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  • Doctor Who Inspired Dalek and Cyberman Pumpkin Carvings [pic]

    Unless I come across something amazing, I think this will probably be my final pumpkin carving post for 2012.  Its not that I wouldn’t mind posting more, I just want to avoid pumpkin carvings too far after Halloween because posting jack-o-lanterns on Christmas would just be weird.  Anyway, for those that are huge Doctor Who […]

  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Pumpkin Carvings [pics]

    With Halloween just two weeks away, I thought it would be appropriate to post a few more awesome pumpkin carvings.  In this case, I decided to post some Star Trek: Deep Space Nine pumpkin carvings. Alex Wer, perhaps better known as The Pumpkin Geek, made these awesome DS9 pumpkin carvings.  Below are carvings of Captain […]

  • Six Amazing Star Wars Pumpkin Carvings [pic]

    Perhaps the best way to let the neighborhood kids know you are a geek is to decorate your house with some amazing Star Wars Jack-O’-Lanterns for them to see when they come up to your house to beg you for candy.  However, the more I look at the amazing Star Wars pumpkin carvings below, the […]