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  • FREE GAME: Mechanic Escape

    FREE GAME: Mechanic Escape

    Its been one of those crazy weeks that I haven’t even had time to think about posting anything cool on here.  Those weeks seem to be quite frequent these days as my life is a bit of a mess at the moment but you will have times like that.  Anyway, this morning I came across […]

  • New Super Mario Bros Bi-Fold Wallet [pic]

    When it comes to wallets, I have always been a tri-fold kind of guy.  With the extra slots and stuff for cards that you can usually find in tri-fold wallets, I find them to be more handy than bi-fold wallets even if they do tend to be a bit thicker.  However, for the bi-fold loving […]

  • This Worms Birthday Cake Looks Ready for Battle [pic]

    As I have mentioned on here a couple of times in the past, one of my all time favorite games is pretty much any game from the Worms franchise (Worms 2 is really my favorite).  I don’t even want to guess how many thousands of hours I have spent lobbing holy hand grenades at enemy […]

  • First person Mario [epic video]

    I’ve seen a lot of people recreate Super Mario Bros in different styles over the years but this is most likely the coolest I have seen.  Forget 2D side scroller, this is 3D first person Super Mario Bros!  This video is awesome!  Now if only I could play this Nintendo classic as a first person […]