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  • Amazing Batman Haircut [pic]

    I haven’t changed my haircut in years as I like to keep it about as short as it is on the kids head in this picture.  However, I solute this kid for wanting to do something a little different and getting an amazing picture of Batman and a building in the background cut into his […]

  • Life Like Water-Type Pokeball [pic]

    Back when I was addicted to the Pokemon games and cartoon, I always wondered how exactly Pokemon lived in those tiny little Pokeballs.  I could never understand how a Snorlax could fit in a Pokeball.  Well, I guess some questions are just better left unasked if you don’t want to destroy the illusion.  Well, apparently […]

  • Throne of Video Games [pic]

    I’ve always been proud of my sizable video game collection but sadly I don’t have enough to make a throne like this.  Pictures like this make me want to go on ebay and blow a bunch of money on old video games that I don’t have to spend just so I can make myself the […]

  • Optimus Prime Chest Hair [pic]

    There are a ton of geeky things that I love, but never once have I considered sculpting my chest hair to look like any of them.  Well, apparently there is at least one guy out there that loves Optimus Prime so much that he has done just that.  As unattractive as I may find this, […]

  • Iron Man is a Chef [pic]

    I can understand it being awesome to do some cooking in a Star Wars cooking apron or some Super Mario Bros themed cooking aprons but this guy apparently decided to take it one step further and do his cooking in an Iron Man suit.  I can’t imagine it being easy to cook while wearing a […]

  • Motorized LEGO R2-D2 w/ Sounds [pic + video]

    Its hard not to love a droid as awesome as R2-D2 and one LEGO builder took that love to an epic level.  As you can see in the picture below, Flickr user Ickelpete did an amazing job of creating this LEGO R2-D2.  The best part is that it is motorized and remote controlled so it […]