Tag: physics

  • Stephen Hawking Loses $100 Bet on the Higgs Boson [video]

    Considering the fact that Stephen Hawking is largely the face of the physics world for many, it seems only appropriate for him to be interviewed about the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle. Being a bit of a physics nut, I was reading all kinds of awesome stuff about yesterday’s announcement of the Higgs Boson […]

  • Handmade Atom Ukulele [pic + video]

    I love posting some geeky musical instruments, but it isn’t very often that I get to post any ukuleles.  I posted a Pac-Man ukulele in the past but I think that is the only one I have ever posted (not that I can remember all of the nearly 1900 posts I have written on just […]

  • Massive LEGO Albert Einstein [pics]

    As much as I have wanted to go, I have never been to any of the Legoland parks.  Well, it looks like the one I really want to go to is in Florida because it is the Florida LEGOland in Orlando that houses this awesome and humongous Albert Einstein.  This LEGO Albert Einstein head measures […]

  • Angry Birds Smashes Into School Tests [pic]

    You know Angry Birds is having a real impact on society when it starts showing up in your tests at school.  If the game was around so that I had test questions like this when I was in school, I might not have hated my math classes so much but to be fair, I am […]

  • Amazing (and messy) water trick [video]

    This morning I came across this rather amazing video of a trick that is apparently possible with water.  It seems that with a slight spinning action, water will hold the shape of its container even after the container is gone.  I have not tried this myself (yet) so I can’t vouch for it, but assuming […]