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  • If Iron Man and a Cyberman Had a Baby It Would Look Like This [pic]

    Over the past week or so, a few images have been released showing some Cybermen marching around the Doctor Who set for an episode set to air next year.  Well, apparently one Iron Man fan decided to take one of those images and work their photoshop magic on it to turn a Cyberman into an […]

  • A Photoshop Tattoo for Photo Editing Geeks [pic]

    I’ve seen some people do some pretty cool things and some pretty ugly things with Photoshop, but this has to be one of the coolest.  Nothing says “I love Photoshop!” quite like a tattoo of the tools on your arm. This awesome Photoshop tattoo is being sported by Photoshop lover Megan Orsi.  Josh Suchoza at […]

  • This TARDIS DeLorean is the Car of My Dreams [pic]

    Until now, the car that I have always dreamed of owning has been a 71 Barracuda convertible.  However, that has now been replaced by this amazing TARDIS DeLorean. Unfortunately, this Doctor Who themed DeLorean isn’t real.  This TarDeLorean was created in Photoshop by artist Pacta for a DeLorean photo-manipulation contest hosted by Worth1000.com  However, in […]

  • Beautiful 3D Legend of Zelda Cathedral [pics]

    It seems I am constantly blown away by the things that people make in 3D modeling applications.  In this particular case, Whitney Brown created these amazing images (for a school assignment) of a Legend of Zelda inspired cathedral which kind of resembles the Temple of Time from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on […]

  • Ghostbuster Abraham Lincoln [pic]

    When there is something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?  Honest Abe!  Well, he might be the reason you are calling the Ghostbusters considering he has been dead for almost 150 years.  But, apparently Abraham Lincoln liked to spend his spare time doing a little ghost busting and from the stories I have […]

  • Star Wars Death Star Camouflaged as Earth [pic]

    What do you do when you have a space station that you don’t want your enemies to pay attention to?  You camouflage it of course!  Well, considering this Death Star is half destroyed, even if it is camouflaged as Earth, I think it would still stick out like a sore thumb.  The large circular missing […]