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  • Zelda Breath of the Wild Oil Canvas

    Zelda Breath of the Wild Oil Canvas

    One of these days, if I ever get the money, I would love to finish my basement and turn it into gaming space filled with all my gaming consoles, perhaps some arcade cabinets and amazing gaming related art work like this beautiful Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild oil canvas.  Of course I might […]

  • Two Fantastic Doctor Who T-Shirts Just $11 Today Only!

    Two Fantastic Doctor Who T-Shirts Just $11 Today Only!

    Its been a while since I have posted any daily t-shirt sales since I have tried to cut back on buying them myself but when today’s shirts at TeeFury hit my inbox this morning, I knew that I not only had to buy both of them but I had to post about them too! The […]

  • Epic Super Mario Bros Utility Building

    Epic Super Mario Bros Utility Building

    I have always been envious of those with artistic skill because when it comes to things like drawing or painting, I suck.  Just how bad do I suck?  I can’t even make a good looking stick figure.  I’m not saying I would like to be the next Bob Ross or anything, but it would be […]

  • This Legend of Zelda Oil Painting is Beautiful

    While I have a huge love for art, I don’t have a big enough bank account that would support my desire to have beautiful paintings hanging all over the walls of my house.  One of my dreams is to someday own something painted by Bob Ross but at this rate, I am probably going to […]

  • Stunning Star Trek Enterprise Painting Made with Spray Paints [pic]

    It is very unfortunate that I don’t have an artistic bone in my body because I would love to be able to make cool works of art as a tribute to the things that I love.  Well, apparently there is at least one guy with a bit of artistic skill who likes to put it […]

  • The Mona Zelda is Much Cooler Than the Mona Lisa [pic]

    Although it has never been my favorite work of art (although I still like it), without a doubt, the most recognized painting ever created is the Mona Lisa.  While it is a good painting, I think the primary reason for its iconic status has more to do with the artist that painted it and the […]