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  • Dad has joined Facebook?! WTF!! [funny pic]

    As a general rule, I start looking for new social networks to join as soon as my immediate family starts to join the one that I am currently using.  I don’t care for the idea of my family keeping tabs on me with the social networks that I use.  It seems that I am not […]

  • The Facebook comment flowchart [funny]

    The awesome guys over at College Humor have posted this hilarious flowchart for helping to decide how to comment on a person’s Facebook status.  If you have ever had a time when you can’t decide just what kind of comment you should leave on the status of one of your Facebook friends, maybe this flowchart […]

  • An Ashton Kutcher tweet only gets you 13,000 clicks

    Image via Wikipedia Have you ever thought to youself, “I could get a huge amount of traffic to my site if I could just get some celebrity with millions of followers to tweet about it?”  A company had that dream realized but the results are less than spectacular. Ashton Kutcher tweeted a video from a […]