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  • Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Pen [pic]

    Last week I posted about some really cool Star Wars lightsaber pens and since that seemed to go over pretty well judging by the response it got on Twitter, I thought you guys would also enjoy a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver pen! The Doctor Who loving folks over at ThinkGeek are selling this fantastic sonic […]

  • Star Wars Lightsaber Pens [pic]

    Are you sad because your pens are so ugly that nobody wants to steal your pens at the office?  Well, you can at least make sure the Star Wars fans will be trying everything they can to steal your pen thanks to these amazing lightsaber pens! The super geeks over at ThinkGeek are selling these […]

  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Broke The Shredder [pic]

    If I ever broke a paper shredder, I would probably just put a sign on it that says out of order but that might be because I am not quite as clever as whoever put this on their work paper shredder.  Using the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to say they broke the Shredder is hilarious […]

  • C-3PO Tape Dispenser [pic]

    It seems pretty rare these days that I need to use any kind of tape other than duck tape but when I do, all I have is just a boring normal tape dispenser.  I need to have a geeky tape dispenser like this C-3PO tape dispenser.  I will admit that the positioning of the tape […]

  • Star Trek Enterpirse Created With Office Supplies [pic]

    When I get bored at work (which is often because of how slow things are these days), I tend to spend time surfing the web or working on blog posts but other people, perhaps those even geekier than myself, spend their time making starships out of office supplies.  In this case, somebody decided to build […]

  • Doctor Who Floating TARDIS Pen [pic]

    I always seem to be finding myself somewhere that I need to write something and don’t have a pen but perhaps if I had a pen with a TARDIS in it, it might be where I need it to be, when I need it to be!  For $10.99 from Entertainment Earth, you can own this […]