Tag: Nintendo Entertainment System

  • Mind Blowing Super Mario Bros Wedding Cake [pic]

    Just a few days ago, I posted a pretty cool Super Mario inspired wedding cake that even featured a little Mario Kart action, but for the old school gamers, there is nothing like the classic Super Mario Bros on the NES.  Well, now there is a wedding cake that does a fantastic job of recreating […]

  • NES Controller Handbag [pic]

    Are you one for carrying a handbag and have a love for the days of NES gaming?  Then I have found the perfect handbag for you!  Meet the NES controller handbag I found on Etsy! Etsy seller OpThread is selling this awesome NES controller handbag for $75.  Being a guy, I really have no clue […]

  • Legend of Zelda Bead Sprite is the World’s Largest [pic]

    A few weeks ago, I was browsing Reddit and saw this amazing bead sprite which was made to look like the Legend of Zelda title screen from the old NES classic.  Unfortunately, I forgot to share it on here until I heard the news that it now holds the record for the world’s largest beaded […]

  • Custom Mario themed NES Console Mod [pic]

    As big of a pain in the butt as the NES was to operate with the need to constantly blow out the cartridges and stuff, I think it will always be my favorite console largely because of the games like Super Mario Bros. Well, Kevin, the same guy that made the awesome Legend of Zelda […]

  • Wooden Portable NES is Amazing! [pic]

    I’ve owned a Nintendo Entertainment System for nearly 23 years (I got it on my second birthday) and if there is one thing I have always wanted, it is for it to be portable.  Sure, I can play some of the classics on my Nintendo 3DS or on the NES emulator on my PSP but […]

  • NES Controller Cosplay [pic]

    I’ve posted a couple of awesome Gameboy dresses in the past (like this one and this one) but I think this is the first NES controller dress I have seen.  I find it kind of cool that this girl uses her arm to make it look like the cord is coming out of the controller.  […]