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  • Pac-Man Latte Art [pic]

    With as cold as it has been around here thanks largely to the near foot and a half of snow that we had here last week, it seems rather appropriate to be posting some awesome latte art or in this case, some Pac-Man latte art!  Perhaps it isn’t as stunning as the Super Mario latte […]

  • Awesome Pac-Man outdoor lighting [pic]

    I know I post a lot of Pac-man related images but the game is a classic that millions have grown up with so I enjoy passing along the Pac-man awesomeness.  Today is no exception as I found a really cool picture of some Pac-man outdoor lighting.  This shows Pac-man munching away on some light bulbs […]

  • Pac-man ghost graveyard [pic]

    Today, I came across this really awesome Pac-man ghost graveyard picture that I thought you guys would enjoy.  Now you know what really happens to the ghosts when you eat them. [DORKLY]

  • Pac-man Pancakes [pic]

    I’m really starting to think I need to rename this site to something like Geek Food or something like that since geeky food seems to be the main thing I am posting lately.  This post is no exception as I came across an awesome picture of some Pac-man pancakes that Dorkly posted that I thought […]

  • Pac-Man mail boxes [pic]

    With snow covering a lot of areas, lots of people are taking the time to have some fun.  While most people would be building a snowman or having a snowball fight, somebody decided to take to some of his local post offices boxes and turn them into ghosts from Pac-Man.  Here is a pic from […]