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  • Need a Manicure? Why Not Zoidberg Fingernail Art! [pic]

    I have posted a ton of awesome fingernail art on Global Geek News in the past such as the amazing Dark Knight Rises fingernail art and some fantastic Super Mario Bros fingernail art.  However, it wasn’t until I saw these Futurama fingers that I asked myself, why not Zoidberg?  So, here is some awesome Zoidberg […]

  • The Dark Knight Rises Fingernail Art [pic]

    If you love Batman and enjoy the various fingernail art posts that I write fairly often, then I have some amazing Batman themed fingernail art for you!  This Dark Knight Rises fingernail art is made to look just like the movie poster! Ying, the professional nail artist over at Nail Art Express made this Dark […]

  • Amazing Doctor Who Fingernail Art [pic]

    In the not so distant past, I have posted a couple of awesome Doctor Who themed fingernial art pictures including the TARDIS fingernail art and the Dalek fingernail art.  While both of those were really cool, I don’t think they can touch this fantastic Doctor Who themed fingernail art. Between just the TARDIS, Dalek and […]

  • Dalek Fingernail Art [pic]

    Last week I posted some awesome TARDIS fingernail art so it only seemed fair that I also post some awesome Dalek fingernail art too! The creator and person sporting this awesome Dalek fingernail art is DeviantART user KayleighOC, the same person that created the TARDIS fingernail art.  I can’t decide if I like this Dalek […]

  • TARDIS Fingernail Art [pic]

    Yesterday, I posted some awesome Tetris fingernail art from DeviantART user KayleighOC and after browsing her very impressive collection of geeky fingernail art pictures, I decided to post this Doctor Who TARDIS fingernail art picture due to its sheer awesomeness. Although four of the fingers seem kind of plain with just the white and TARDIS blue, […]

  • 60’s Batman Fingernail Art [pic]

    The Batman tv show from the 1960s will always be my favorite version of Batman.  I like some of the Batman stuff since then but I don’t think anything will ever be as great as the old Batman tv show. Well, it seems I might not be alone in that thought judging by these awesome […]