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  • Computer Mouse Made From Food [pic]

    As a hardcore gamer, I generally prefer to have the best performing mouse that money can buy, but after seeing this, I think I might also like the tastiest mouse my local deli can make!  Apparently some geek that enjoys playing with their food decided to make a wireless mouse sandwich complete with a wireless […]

  • Pac-man Mousepad [pic]

    I’ve never been one to get too geeky with my mousepad but that is usually because I just go with whatever one I can find that is good for gaming and if it is like my current one, it is also free.  Well, for those that are Pac-man fans such as myself, now you can […]

  • Star Trek “Crew” Keyboard and Mouse Set [pic]

    There are a LOT of big Star Trek fans out there and it is safe to say that they all need a keyboard and mouse.  Now they can combine that need with their love of Star Trek The Original Series thanks to this awesome Star Trek “Crew” keyboard + mouse pair.  The picture and a […]