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  • Why ‘Live Twittering’ is a Horrible Idea

    Greetings Readers! I have another rant again today.  Hopefully I will have some more upbeat things to write about after this but today’s topic really irritated me this morning so after gathering my thoughts, I decided that I should address the idea of “live twittering” here. ‘Live Twittering’ is likely a new term to most […]

  • Yammer won the TechCrunch50?! What were the judges smoking?

    Hey readers! This is my fist on a good number of posts coming out of the TechCrunch50, a truely amazing conference.  Before I start posting my thoughts on many of the other companies that were at the conference, I figured I should start with the winner, Yammer. For those of you that weren’t at the […]

  • Demanding a Higher Standard of Service from Twitter

    Greetings Readers! At the risk of being flamed, I decided its time to do another Twitter post.  No, this is not another part of my Twitter Etiquette posts.  This post is about why we put up with the horrible service on Twitter and how we need to demand a higher level of service from the […]