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  • Amazing Back-lit Mega Man 2 NES Console Mod

    Amazing Back-lit Mega Man 2 NES Console Mod

    First of all, before I get start talking about this incredible NES mod, I want apologize to all of the loyal Global Geek News readers for having been largely MIA for over a month (I’ve still been pretty active over on our Facebook page).  Today is the first day in over a month that my […]

  • Incredible Mega Man NES Console Mod [pics]

    Nothing makes me feel older than when video games I grew up playing as a kid hit milestone anniversaries.  A few days ago on the Global Geek News Facebook page, I posted a comparison of the original character in Wolfenstein and the same character from the upcoming Wolfenstein: New Order game and it is amazing […]

  • Mega Man Fleece Hat [pic]

    Thanks to the cold and wind yesterday morning, I came to the realization that I need something warmer on my head than my HTML head tag baseball cap if I am going to be working outside.  I think this Mega Man fleece hat would be the perfect thing to keep me warm while allowing me […]

  • Mega-Man Made From Post-It Notes [pic]

    In a world that includes applications like notepad and Dropbox, I find I have no need for Post-It Notes.  I find that they contribute too much clutter to my already cluttered desk and I can never find a working pen when I need one.  Well, it looks like post it notes are good for something […]

  • Nintendo Boardwalk Cabinets [pic]

    Honestly, I never cared much for the boardwalk cabinets around here.  I don’t care for the idea of throwing away my money to have a machine tell me my fortune or to try to grab something with those drop down claws that I have never won anything at.  Well, I would be willing to reconsider […]

  • Mega Man Knit Chuck Taylor Sneakers [pic]

    I may have mentioned this when I posted the awesome Super Mario Bros Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers but I have never been a fan of the design of Chuck Taylor shoes.  I just think they look ugly and cheap.  I stick to New Balance shoes myself.  Anyway, for $120, you can purchase these amazing Mega […]