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  • This Mass Effect Wedding Cake is Amazing! [pic]

    Although I have the games installed on my PC, I have yet to get around to playing any of the Mass Effect games.  Judging by the glowing reviews that many of my gaming friends have given it, I am sure I will love it, I just haven’t got around to playing it yet as I […]

  • Custom Mass Effect Converse Shoes [pics]

    One of the things I enjoy posting the most are custom shoes that are really geeky.  I don’t care whether they are high heels or a pair of sneakers, I love me some geek shoes!  In the past, I have posted everything from spectacular Super Mario Bros shoes to some rather cartoony Mass Effect shoes […]

  • Mass Effect N7 iPhone Case [pic]

    For those lucky enough to have an iPhone 4/4S that needs a case and you also happen to be a big Mass Effect fan, than I have the case for you!  The amazing people over at ThinkGeek is selling this really cool looking Mass Effect N7 armor iPhone 4/4S case for just $24.99!  And that’s […]

  • Custom Painted Mass Effect Shoes [pics]

    It should be rather obvious from all of the Super Mario Bros shoes, Final Fantasy shoes, Street Fighter shoes and others that I have posted in the past (you can search for all of them with the search box on the right), that I really enjoy seeing video game themed shoes.  In this case, a […]

  • Fan Made Mass Effect Monopoly [pics]

    The video game themed Monopoly board craze continues and this time the game in question is Mass Effect!  DeviantART user Tommyfilth was apparently so inspired by the fan made Fallout Monopoly board that we posted about a while back that they decided to make this awesome Mass Effect version of the board game for his […]