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  • Stargate Wedding Ring [pic]

    Stargate fans now have another reason to find somebody to marry (if they aren’t married already) thanks to this beautiful Stargate wedding ring! The folks over at Wedding Bands Designs are the ones who designed this amazing Chapa’ai or Stargate wedding ring.  Not only does this Stargate wedding ring look amazing, the chevrons even spin! […]

  • The Most Amazing Dalek Wedding Cake Ever! [pic]

    Back in May, I posted some awesome Dalek Wedding cake toppers that I know I would love to have on my own wedding cake should that day ever come.  Well, there are some people that are satisfied with Dalek wedding cake toppers and there are others that decide they need to go above and beyond […]

  • This Star Wars Wedding Cake is Fantastic! [pic]

    I have serious doubts that the day will ever come that I get married, but if it does, I occasionally wonder what kind of wedding cake I would want.  The possibilities are endless, but the one thing I know for sure is that I would love to have an epic cake like this Star Wars […]

  • This Doctor Who Wedding Cake Topper is Fantastic! [pic]

    If you are looking to have a Doctor Who themed wedding, you can’t go wrong with this amazing TARDIS wedding cake topper!  If you combine it with the sonic screwdriver bouquet and the TARDIS wedding ring, you might just be declared the ultimate Whovian couple! I don’t know who this made this awesome Doctor Who […]

  • Mind Blowing Star Trek Borg Cube Wedding Cake [pic]

    If the day ever comes that I decide to get married, I decided long ago that I want the wedding ceremony to be a traditional Klingon wedding ceremony like Judzia Dax and Worf had on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  Well, if that dream ever comes true, this Borg Cube wedding cake would be the […]

  • This Super Mario Bros Wedding Cake is Mind Blowing [pics]

    Back in March, I posted a really cool but somewhat small Super Mario Bros wedding cake and while it was pretty neat, this Super Mario Bros wedding cake blows it out of the water! This amazing three tier Super Mario Bros wedding cake was made for the wedding of Reddit user PwnagePants.  I’m not sure […]