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  • PC vs Mac: Who wins what category [infographic]

    Like many, I use many different operating systems on a regular basis.  My gaming destkop runs Windows 7, one of my netbooks runs Windows 7 while the other runs Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP and I also have a MacBook Pro which runs both OS X and Windows 7.  I like different operating systems for […]

  • Poor man’s Apple laptop [pic]

    About a month ago, we showed you how one man decided to make his own Apple computer with an apple, some tape and an old laptop.  In that same line of humor, today we have another poor man’s Apple laptop made from a Styrofoam food take out box.  Thanks to Break.com for posting this!  If […]

  • The Macintosh turns 27 today [video]

    27 years ago today, Steve Jobs showed off the first Macintosh computer to the world.  This Stevenote was given in front of a live audience on January 24, 1984, two days after the famous Apple Super Bowl commercial from 1984.  Below is a video of the presentation by Steve Jobs.  The Mac has changed a […]