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  • Decal Girl Has Great Skins for All Your Favorite Gadgets [Review]

    Just over seven years ago I used to be obsessed with hacking Sony’s PSP gaming handheld and spent many hours hanging out in forums where other PSP enthusiasts were talking about everything PSP related that Sony didn’t want you to know about.  Although I didn’t have the skills at the time to be one of […]

  • 24-Karat Gold Apple MacBook Pro [pics]

    What is a person to do when they have more money than God and need a 13″ MacBook Pro?  You have one custom made for you out of 24-karat gold and diamonds of course!  I am not sure I even want to know how much it would cost to have a 13″ Apple MacBook Pro […]

  • Super Mario Bros Vinyl MacBook Decals [pic]

    Like many geeks, I have been known to decorate my computers with various stickers.  Often that includes stickers from various hardware manufactures that I manage to grab at LAN parties, but in the case of my MacBook Pro, I am currently sporting this awesome Tropical Moon skin from DecalGirl.  However, I think that is about […]

  • The Most Expensive Laptop Stand Ever [pic]

    Its probably a good sign that you have too much money when you build a laptop computer stand out of for other 4 other laptops, especially when they all happen to be MacBook Pros.  This stand alone, not even counting the MacBook Pro the guy is actually using, probably cost $5000-$6000 to build.  That is […]

  • Portal MacBook Sticker [pic]

    Once in a while, I get the urge to make my various gadgets look unique.  It doesn’t happen often but sometimes I decide to make my computers and game systems look even cooler than they already do by putting on 3rd party faceplates or decals on them.  For example, I currently have this Tropical Moon […]

  • Poor man’s Apple laptop [pic]

    About a month ago, we showed you how one man decided to make his own Apple computer with an apple, some tape and an old laptop.  In that same line of humor, today we have another poor man’s Apple laptop made from a Styrofoam food take out box.  Thanks to Break.com for posting this!  If […]