Tag: Luigi

  • Super Mario Bros Sleeve Tattoo [pic]

    While I have no plans on ever getting a tattoo myself, I have come to really admire the awesome ones that some people get.  While some people are content with just a butterfly tramp stamp, others go the distance and turn part of their body into a work of art.  Well, I have found one […]

  • Impressive Mario and Luigi Made From Aluminum Cans [pics]

    When it comes to recycling aluminum cans, most post don’t go beyond hauling them to recycling facilities, however there are a rare few that take old cans and turn them into art.  I’ve known people that turn old pop cans into model airplanes and such, but I have never seen anything quite this amazing done […]

  • Cute Girls Cosplaying as Mario and Luigi [pic]

    Comic-Con in San Diego may be over for this year, but the awesome cosplay pictures from the event are still flooding the internet and while there are more that are worth posting than I could ever have time to post, this one caught my eye and I figured I needed to post it. Sadly, I […]

  • 8-Bit Mario and Luigi Feet Tattoos [pic]

    There are some areas I can’t even imagine getting a tattoo due to the sensitivity of the skin and the top of a persons feet is pretty high on that list.  Just the thought of getting my feet inked makes me cringe!  Well, one gamer decided to ignore the pain and get these cool 8-bit […]

  • Super Mario Bros Guitar and Question Block Amp [pic]

    Although I don’t have the rhythm necessary to play an instrument, I am always fascinated when I see that a musician has gone above and beyond to customize their instrument of choice.  In the past, I have posted numerous Millennium Falcon guitars and even a Halo guitar, but this is the first time I have […]

  • Super Mario Bros + Ghostbusters = Boo Busters T-Shirt [pic]

    When there is something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?  Video game plumbers!  OK, perhaps that isn’t as catchy as the original Ghostbusters theme but it sounds about right for this awesome t-shirt!  Apparently being plumbers isn’t enough for Mario and Luigi to pay the bills so they moonlight as Ghostbusters.  If it […]