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  • Ghostbusters House Lighting Show Will Have You Singing Along!

    Ghostbusters House Lighting Show Will Have You Singing Along!

    While I can certainly appreciate a really cool outdoor holiday lighting display, doing something like that has never been my thing since I don’t enjoy giant electric bills.  However, sometimes I do come across holiday lighting displays that are so cool they blow me away and this is one of those times.  Anybody can throw […]

  • Light-Up TARDIS Lapel Pin Changes Colors [pic]

    I really envy people who have the crafting skills to make their own geeky creations.  As a kid, I hated doing arts and crafts stuff (video games were my thing), but now I really wish I had tried to enjoy it because I see and post all kinds of amazing things that people create with […]

  • Doctor Who TARDIS Trash Can On Sale for $74.99 [pic]

    Are you a Doctor Who fan who has been looking for a small trash can for your bedroom or office?  If you said yes, then I have found the TARDIS trash can for you!  And the best part is that it is on sale for 17% off! The awesome people over at ThinkGeek are currently […]

  • Mind Blowing Star Trek Borg Cube Wedding Cake [pic]

    If the day ever comes that I decide to get married, I decided long ago that I want the wedding ceremony to be a traditional Klingon wedding ceremony like Judzia Dax and Worf had on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  Well, if that dream ever comes true, this Borg Cube wedding cake would be the […]

  • These Tetris Lights Are Blocky Goodness! [pic]

    I generally prefer to be in the dark whenever possible with the only light coming from my various monitors and gadgets, however, I wouldn’t mind a little light with a Tetris themed light like this!  Just looking at this will make you start to hum the Tetris music! This amazing set of Tetris lights is […]

  • Amazing Starcraft Protoss Cake [pic]

    As many know, I have always been a huge RTS gamer since the mid 90s when games like Command & Conquer and Age of Empires came out.  Actually, writing for various Command & Conquer fansites around a decade ago was how I got my start in blogging.  Well, if there is one RTS franchise I […]