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  • Rapping Eminem in Klingon – Qapla’!

    Rapping Eminem in Klingon – Qapla’!

    Being the huge Star Trek nerd that I am, it always makes me happy when I see somebody has performed a popular song or something in Klingon.  While I love Klingon opera as much as the next Star Trek fan, this is a bit of an appeal in rapping Eminem in Klingon!  In this particular […]

  • Rent Performed in Klingon [video]

    As much as I love music, I have never been one to care for musicals.  I’m not sure why, I just don’t really care for them.  However, if musicals were sung in Klingon, I would go to them all the time! Well, now we have an idea of what Rent sounds like in Klingon thanks […]

  • Klingon Monopoly is coming soon! [pic]

    I can’t say I really remember it like I used to, but in the past, I used to be somewhat decent at speaking Klingon.  Yes, I am that big of a nerd.  Anyway, being the lover of Klingon that I am, when I heard that Klingon Monopoly is coming later this year, I just knew […]

  • Chinese to be the dominant language of the internet in 5 yrs

    In this infographic from The Next Web, they show that Chinese is set to become the dominant language of the internet within 5 years.  China had 36 million new internet users in just the last year so it is not hard to see how the Chinese language will become the dominant language within 5 years. […]