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  • Awesome Nintendo Bento Box Featuring Kirby, Yoshi, Pikachu and More!

    Awesome Nintendo Bento Box Featuring Kirby, Yoshi, Pikachu and More!

    Even as a kid, I was never really one to play with my food (not counting that one time I got a piece of ham stuck up my nose).  I have always preferred to eat my food rather than play with it but I suppose I prefer to satisfy my hunger than my creative desires.  […]

  • Colorful Kirby Latte Art [pic]

    For somebody who doesn’t even like to drink lattes, it is rather surprising how much I enjoy seeing latte art.  However, despite all of the latte art I have seen and all of the works of beverage art I have posted on here, I have never seen one that was colored until now. A Japanese […]

  • These Nintendo Pancakes Look Delicious! [pic]

    Next to bacon, my favorite breakfast food is definitely pancakes.  I’m not sure which flavor is my favorite as it just kind of depends on my mood, but I love not only traditional pancakes, I enjoy pumpkin pancakes and New York cheesecake pancakes too!  Yeah, I might be headed for an early grave (especially with […]

  • Nintendo Face Paint [pic]

    Unless it is part of some sort of cosplay or at a sporting event, you almost never see anybody wearing face paint.  I find that to be an absolutely tragedy when I realize that people could be walking around with awesome things painted on their face like what you see below in this amazing Nintendo […]

  • Homemade Nintendo Chocolates [pic]

    As much as I love chocolate, I have never attempted to make any chocolates.  I’ve always been a buy a bag of M&Ms when I have a chocolate craving kind of person.  Well, the sister of one Reddit user made these fantastic looking Nintendo themed chocolates.  There is plenty of Super Mario Bros greatness in […]

  • Nintendo Christmas Tree [pic]

    If its possible to have a Christmas tree more awesome than the Darth Vader Christmas tree, this Nintendo themed Christmas tree would be it.  The top of this Nintendo Christmas tree is logically where you find the star from Super Mario Bros but looking all around the tree, you can find various other bits of […]