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  • Kickstarter: Robotic Minion Starter Kit [video]

    I’m more of a software person than one to play with hardware, but for the hardware enthusiasts out there that like to play with Arduino, I thought you might be interested in the Robotic Minion! The Robotic Minion project was started by Dustin and David Andrews (my cousins) and if you an Arduino fan, you […]

  • iPad 2 Duct Tape Magnetic Jackets [pic]

    A while back, I posted about a really awesome TARDIS bag made out of duct tape that you guys really seemed to love so I knew you would want to hear about this!  The creator of the TARDIS duct tape bag now has a new project and he needs your help!  Eric, perhaps better known […]

  • Support ExtraCore on Kickstarter!

    Last week, I posted about the cool little Arduino compatible project known as ExraCore.  Well, now you can support the project through Kickstarter!  For those that have never heard of kickstarter, it gives people with an idea a way to raise money from generous people who might also be interested in the project to help […]