Tag: Iron Man

  • Beautiful Iron Man Stained Glass [pic]

    I’ve posted some pretty impressive stained glass on here in the past such as the one featuring Half Life’s Gordon Freeman, but I think this Iron Man stained glass shatters all of the stained glass posts I have written before it. Etsy seller MartianGlassWorks is the incredibly talented stained glass maker that is selling this […]

  • This Iron Man Birthday Cake is Armed with Sparklers! [pics]

    I enjoy a good birthday cake that looks amazing, but I have never encountered a cake that could also be deemed a fire hazard that is looking to burn down my house (I am not worried much about normal birthday candles).  Well, that is exactly what one kid turning 5 years old got! This Iron […]

  • R2-D2 in Iron Man Cosplay [pic]

    A lot of people seem to think that cosplay is just for people and their unfortunate pets who don’t get much choice when it comes to dressing up.  Well, it seems that is not exactly true because now even droids are getting into the cosplay action! This awesome picture R2-D2 sporting its best Iron Man […]

  • Forget About Iron Man, Iron Woman Armor is Sexier [pic]

    Its pretty common to see people sporting some Iron Man cosplay these days, but I don’t think I have ever seen an Iron Woman cosplay or even just women in an Iron Man suit. After seeing this amazing Iron Woman armor, I can’t imagine why there aren’t some women who create some great Iron Woman […]

  • Iron Man Pizza [pic]

    One of my favorite things to post is the geeky pizzas that people create.  Being a huge pizza addict and geek, there is nothing I appreciate more than a delicious looking pizza made to look like some geekdom icon that I love.  Although I can’t claim to be as big of an Iron Man fan […]

  • Iron Man Clothes Iron [pic]

    Unless I am going somewhere that I have to dress up beyond a t-shirt and jeans, I rarely iron my clothes (they really don’t need it when you work at a junk yard).  Frankly, I have always found ironing clothes a little on the boring and tedious side. Well, there isn’t really much that can […]