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  • This Fantastic TARDIS Jukebox is Made From Recycled Boxes

    This Fantastic TARDIS Jukebox is Made From Recycled Boxes

    As much as I love music, I have to admit that jukeboxes have never really been my thing.  Its not that I don’t enjoy forcing others to listen to the music I like, its just that the jukeboxes I come across never have the music I like.  Around here, the jukeboxes tend to be full […]

  • Biggest MP3 Player Ever [pic]

    Some people consider me slightly odd in that I carry both an iPod Touch and a Zune HD on me at all times but at least its not as awkward looking as this guy’s MP3 player!  I’m known to listen to various music or podcasts while cooking but I don’t do it with a giant […]

  • Microsoft finally advertises its biggest advantage over the iPod, cost

    Greetings Readers! Microsoft has unveiled their latest attack on Apple, but this time it doesn’t involve anybody going to a retail store and purchasing a laptop.  This time Microsoft is setting its sights on the iPod.  The latest commercial attacks Apple for not having a subscription service on iTunes for music downloads.  Without a subscription […]

  • Apple Announces it is Leaving MacWorld, Shoots Itself in the Foot

    Greetings Readers! After feeding the animals at work I came back to my computer moments ago to discover, thanks to Twitter, that Apple is no longer going to be at MacWorld after this year.  Not only that, but Steve Jobs isn’t even going to give the keynote for this years MacWord. To say that this […]

  • Would you want to be buried with your gadgets?

    Greetings Readers! Earlier today, a story was brought to my attention that according to funeral directors, it is becoming common for people to be burried with their favorite gadgets.  From iPods to bluetooth headsets to Blackberry phones, it seems people, especially tech-savvy ones are being buried with their gadgets. Why would people want to be […]

  • Top 10 Geek Gifts for the 2008 Holiday Season

    Greetings Readers! Its almost that time of year again, when geeks either get the cool gadgets that they have been wanting thanks to holiday sales or are given the gifts they have been wanting by people that love them.  Whether you are looking for some great gadgets to get for yourself or that lovable geek […]