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  • Pac-Man Ghost Poncho Coming Soon [pic]

    The idea of making a poncho that looks like a Pac-Man ghost is one of those simple ideas that you think you should have had a long time ago.  Well, apparently it has taken a lot of years for somebody to come up with the brilliant idea and soon you will be able to own […]

  • Pac-Man Keychain With Dangling Ghosts [pic]

    I’m generally not one for having things on my keychain that don’t have some sort of purpose (like keys do), but a case could probably be made that having this awesome Pac-Man keychain hanging off of your keychain will bring you loads of gamer cred.  For the Pac-Man fans out there that want to sport […]

  • Sexy Pac-Man Tank Dresses [pic]

    Although they aren’t on sale just yet (product pages can be found here for when they do go on sale for $32/ea) these Pac-Man tank dresses are pretty awesome.  Any of these would be a perfect gift for any of those gamer girls out there.  Even if they aren’t a big fan of Pac-Man, you […]