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  • Battlefield 1 Beta Infographic Stats Are Crazy!

    Battlefield 1 Beta Infographic Stats Are Crazy!

    Like 13.2 million other people, I spent a fair bit of time playing the Battelfield 1 open beta recently and I have to say I really enjoyed it!  I have always been a huge fan of the Battlefield games and I can tell I will be putting in a lot of hours on Battlefield 1 […]

  • How much is Doctor Who’s TARDIS Worth? [Infographic]

    A lot of times I shy away from posting infographics.  I love infographics and find them interesting and visually appealing (most of the time), I just find their length to be annoying.  I like seeing all of the information but I don’t like posting something so long that it might discourage people who only visit […]

  • The Sacred Order of Geeks [Infographic]

    Here on Global Geek News, most of the stuff I post is targeted at the somewhat stereotypical geek who likes video games, science fiction, fantasy and superheroes.  Of course not all geeks like all of those things (I am only now getting into the fantasy stuff and have never read a comic book in my […]

  • Evolution of the geek [infographic]

    When you think about it, geeks haven’t really been around that long.  While that may be true, geeks have evolved into many different forms over the years and the chart / infographic below does a good job of explaining it.  From looking at the image, I have determined that I must be some kind of […]

  • Foursquare grew by 3400% in 2010 [infographic]

    Foursquare has posted an amazing infographic detailing just how good 2010 was for them.  Not only did the service grow by 3400%, but they had some really interesting check-in information such as which states had the most gym check-ins, what were the most popular hotels and much more!  They also announced that they hit 6 […]