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  • Doctor Who Ood Tea Cosy [pic]

    Until today, I had never even heard of a tea cosy before.  I’ve seen people use a cozy for keeping the temperature of things like beer bottles, but never for a pot of tea.  Well, for those who are fans of Doctor Who and a good pot of tea, you can now keep your tea […]

  • Sexy Stormtrooper Cosplay in High Heels [pic]

    I can’t imagine that wearing high heels will do you much good when you are on the battlefield but it certainly will make you look taller!  If all of the Stormtroopers looked this good, something tells me that the Rebel Alliance would have never stood a chance because they would be too busy drooling over […]

  • TARDIS Teapot [pic]

    I’ve never been much of one for hot beverages, especially tea (I believe that tea should always have ice in it), but it would be cool just to have a TARDIS teapot like this in my kitchen.  If you are a Doctor Who fan that enjoys a nice cup of tea on occasion, you might […]

  • Spectacular Halo Cortana cosplay [pic]

    Its been a while since I have posted any cosplay type stuff so when I saw this amazing Cortana cosplay from the Halo universe, I knew I had to post it.  It is a rather hot picture to say the least.  I am really curious how long it took to apply all of that body […]

  • Super Mario USB hand warmer mousepad [pic]

    Like many, one of the problems I suffer from is that when I use my computer for an extended period of time, my hand doesn’t get the circulation it should so it gets really cold. This awesome Super Mario USB hand warmer mousepad should fix this problem which is especially bad on cold days. This […]