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  • Half-Life 2 Headcrab Necklace [pic]

    Are you looking for something gaming related yet slightly gross to hang around your neck?  If you answered yes, then I think I have found the necklace for you!  Nothing says I love Half-Life quite like a headcrab dangling from around your neck. Etsy seller ParanoiamitSahne is selling this awesome looking Half-Life 2 inspired headcrab […]

  • Half-Life Headcrab Cupcake [pic]

    Generally speaking, I prefer to be the one eating the cupcake rather than it eating me, but in the case of this fantastic Half-Life inspired headcrab cupcake, I’m not sure I would care! This awesome headcrab cupcake that any Half-Life fan would love was created by Artistic-Aviary.  As for all of the delicious details, the […]

  • Dr. Gordon Freeman And a Headcrab Guy Cosplay Taking a Break [pic]

    Its not every day you see a guy dressed as Dr. Gordon Freeman from the Half Life video games sitting next to a guy in some awesome and somewhat gruesome Headcrap cosplay. I don’t know who these awesome Half Life cosplayers are or where they were spotted taking a break to enjoy a pretzel and […]

  • Half Life Gordon Freeman Stained Glass [pic]

    I’ve posted some awesome video game related stained glass in the past like the Halo Legendary Spartan Shield stained glass and some Legend of Zelda Hylian Crest stained glass, but I think this is the most impressive piece of stained glass I have posted yet! Reddit user krypton1an got this awesome Half Life themed Gordon […]

  • Half Life Barnacle Ceiling Lamp [pics]

    Of all of the lamps that I have posted ranging from the Legend of Zelda Triforce lamp to the Super Mario Bros question block lamp, this Half Life Barnacle ceiling lamp is by far the most disgusting. For those that are fans of the Half Life games like myself, you will be very familiar with […]

  • Half Life Head Crab Cake [pic]

    I’ve played video games for over 22 years and have faced some gruesome and bizarre enemies but the one I always thought was the strangest was the head crap from the Half Life games.  I’m not exactly sure what it is about them but I just find them strange and creepy.  I certainly wouldn’t care […]