Tag: Half-Life 2

  • Half-Life 2 Headcrab Necklace [pic]

    Are you looking for something gaming related yet slightly gross to hang around your neck?  If you answered yes, then I think I have found the necklace for you!  Nothing says I love Half-Life quite like a headcrab dangling from around your neck. Etsy seller ParanoiamitSahne is selling this awesome looking Half-Life 2 inspired headcrab […]

  • Half-Life Headcrab Cupcake [pic]

    Generally speaking, I prefer to be the one eating the cupcake rather than it eating me, but in the case of this fantastic Half-Life inspired headcrab cupcake, I’m not sure I would care! This awesome headcrab cupcake that any Half-Life fan would love was created by Artistic-Aviary.  As for all of the delicious details, the […]

  • What Half Life’s Gordon Freeman really looks like [pic]

    Have you ever asked yourself how your favorite video game hero can carry around a ton of weapons?  You can only have so many pockets on you after all.  This funny picture of the Half-Life hero, Gordon Freeman, shows how he should really look if the game designers wanted you (and the bad guys) to […]