Tag: Green Lantern

  • Green Lantern Pizza [pic]

    Since I have never been into comic books, my knowledge of Green Lantern is fairly limited, however if there is one thing I know well, it is pizza! I’m not sure who made this delicious looking pizza that looks like the green lantern logo, but I do have a very important question for them.  What […]

  • Iron Man + Green Lantern = Iron Lantern Cosplay [pic]

    Other than perhaps the Batman franchise, I never really got into the world of comic books and superheroes, although I will admit to having seen the first Iron Man movies (which I enjoyed). Well, one of the people that is far more obsessed with superheroes than I am, decided to make this fantastic Iron Lantern […]

  • Superhero Fingernail Art [pic]

    I’m not the kind of guy that paints my fingernails, but one woman apparently decided to give her fingernails the superhero treatment and they turned out great!  I can’t say I have ever really understood the purpose of painting ones nails or putting those big fake things on them but I suppose some people find […]

  • Superhero Bow Ties [pic]

    I’m not a tie person, much less a bow tie person, but these superhero bow ties are pretty cool!  Not as cool as the Superman bow tie I posted a while back, but still pretty great.  Unfortunately, I don’t know of anywhere that you can buy one of these ties, but I assume that if […]

  • Green Lantern and Superman Made from LEGOs [pic]

    I love seeing a good LEGO creation, especially when they are geeky, so it put a smile on my face when I saw this awesome picture of Green Lantern and Superman made out of LEGOs.  These LEGO superheroes were created by “LEGO artist” Nathan Sawaya, the same guy that created the Jedi Statue of Liberty that […]