Tag: graffiti

  • Game Boy Graffiti Art [pic]

    Doesn’t it seem like the electrical boxes you see sticking out of the ground everywhere are a little boring?  I have long thought that electrical boxes need to be painted up to either blend in better rather than just being a big grey box sticking out of the ground or be used as a canvas […]

  • Sonic the Hedgehog Graffiti [pic]

    Normally, I am not a huge fan of graffiti or at least the kind that we have around here as it is all about leaving your mark on somebodies property rather than creating a real work of art.  Well, at least somebody knows how to do something amazing with graffiti judging by this awesome Sonic […]

  • Yoda Street Art [pic]

    Sadly, around here the only decoration on most buildings is whatever graffiti the gangs manage to put on them.  Luckily, there are other places on this planet that instead of having gangs with spray paint, they have geeks with spray paint.  In this case, they are Star Wars loving geeks!  I’m not sure where this […]

  • Amazing Super Mario Bros Street Art [pic]

    Yesterday’s Super Mario Bros street art post came straight out of the classic NES game while this this one is a bit more modern and imaginative.  If it wasn’t for all of the gang graffiti writing that has been done over the top of the right part of this building, I would say this would […]

  • Communist Statue Graffiti’d With Superheroes and More [pics]

    I don’t endorse vandalism but this is actually really cool.  A memorial to the communist ‘liberation’ of the country in Sofia, Bulgaria was recently vandalized by anti-commie graffiti artists and the pictures below are a result.  They turned the soldiers that are a part of the memorial into various superheroes and other characters.  Of course […]

  • Amazing Star Wars AT-ST & AT-AT Street Art [Pics]

    I’ve never been a huge street art fan although that is probably because I just haven’t found any street art that is geeky enough for me.  Well, now I have found some that is super geeky!  Somebody with some serious talent with painting amazing images on walls has created these awesome Star Wars AT-AT and […]