Tag: Goomba

  • Goomba NES Controller Cord Art [pic]

    One of the benefits of old school gaming is corded controllers.  Sure, you have to sit a lot closer to the console and your movements are rather confined compared to wireless controllers but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Now, when you a controller, it will fly across the room rather than just until the […]

  • Super Mario Bros Goomba Skirt [pic]

    I’m not the kind of guy that has the legs to be able to pull of wearing a skirt (not that I would wear one anyway), but for the Super Mario Bros loving women who like to wear skirts (or cross dressing men I suppose), I have found the Goomba skirt for you! Etsy seller […]

  • NES Mario 8-Bit Clock With Swinging Goomba Pendulum [pic]

    These days, pretty much every gadget you could possibly own has a built in clock.  That is the reason that I stopped wearing a watch about a year and a half ago.  It seemed silly to have a dedicated time device when my phone, multiple MP3 players, Kindle and other devices could tell me the […]

  • Awesome Super Mario Bros Tattoo [pic]

    I love Super Mario Bros as much as the next gamer but this person took their love the next level with this awesome Super Mario Bros tattoo!  I love it when gamers take scenes from classic games and do something awesome with them like permanently ink them into their body.  However, I am slightly confused […]

  • Goomba Earrings [pic]

    One of the first things I tend to notice on a woman is if she has a pair of really awesome earrings and this pair of Goomba earrings would definitely qualify.  Super Mario Bros lovers that also wear earrings are sure to love these awesome goomba earrings that you can by from Etsy seller lizglizz […]

  • Super Mario Bros Cupcakes [pic]

    I’ve posted some really awesome Super Mario Bros cupcakes in the past and while there are fewer of these, I think these look even better!  This is the first time I have ever seen a goomba, and a blooper on a cupcake and they look great!  Mario looks pretty good too.  This has inspired me […]