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  • Star Wars X-Wing Coffee Table [pic]

    Even though I know I could never afford one, one of the things I seem to enjoy blogging about most is geeky furniture, specifically coffee tables.  I have posted several really cool ones in the past such as the Millennium Falcon coffee table and the Star Trek Enterprise coffee table, but now I have found […]

  • Beautiful Iron Man Stained Glass [pic]

    I’ve posted some pretty impressive stained glass on here in the past such as the one featuring Half Life’s Gordon Freeman, but I think this Iron Man stained glass shatters all of the stained glass posts I have written before it. Etsy seller MartianGlassWorks is the incredibly talented stained glass maker that is selling this […]

  • Amazing Super Mario Bros Glass Marbles [pic]

    Thanks to the wonderful world of video games, marbles were never very popular with my generation.  Growing up, I remember seeing some on occasion for sale at swap meets and stuff and I know some older people that are big collectors, but I have never seen anybody around my age (25) that has cared anything […]

  • Half Life Gordon Freeman Stained Glass [pic]

    I’ve posted some awesome video game related stained glass in the past like the Halo Legendary Spartan Shield stained glass and some Legend of Zelda Hylian Crest stained glass, but I think this is the most impressive piece of stained glass I have posted yet! Reddit user krypton1an got this awesome Half Life themed Gordon […]

  • TARDIS Stained Glass [pic]

    I’m glad to see the art of stained glass is not dead and is being used for something other than religious purposes.  I have nothing against it being used for religious purposes, its just that when you think of stained glass, you tend to think of the stained glass that you would find in a […]

  • Doctor Who TARDIS in a Bottle [pic]

    I’ve seen a lot of ships that are built in bottles and even pennies that have been put in tiny bottles but this is the first time I have ever seen a TARDIS in a bottle.  As much as I would love to believe that this TARDIS just materialized inside of this glass bottle, the […]