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  • This Week on GeekDown – What Is The Best Video Game? [video]

    This week the awesome guys over at the GeekDown show have Jeff Cannata (from awesome web shows like the Totally Rad Show) on as their special guest to debate what is the best video game of all time.  They also discuss the geek worthyness of the 43,000 piece LEGO Star Wars star destroyer that I […]

  • This Week’s GeekDown – Time For New Consoles? [video]

    I don’t know about you, but I think the GeekDown podcast is quickly becoming one of my favorites and is getting better every week!  I think it is safe to say that this week’s episode is the funniest one so far.  Nothing like a little Steve Jobs humor!  Anyway, on this weeks GeekDown, they have […]

  • GeekDown: DC Comics Reboot: Good or Bad? [video]

    The awesome guys over at GeekDown have posted a new episode!  This week, they have Sean Becker (the director of The Guild) on and they debate whether DC’s planned reboot of their comic universe is a good idea.  I might be slightly biased, but I really enjoyed their discussion about our posting of the Batmobile […]

  • Zombie Talk on This Week’s GeekDown [video]

    I’ve never cared a thing about zombies myself but I know that there are a lot of you out there that seem to have a major zombie fetish.  I may not understand the fascination with zombies but I can definitely support it!  Well, for those of you that love zombies (and those that don’t), you […]

  • Check out the latest GeekDown episode! [video]

    In case some of you missed my post last week, the awesome show GeekDown has returned!  They are featuring Global Geek News content again this week (The Boba Fett Ben & Jerry’s ice cream) and they even have Andrea Rene (<3) on as a special guest!  Check out the latest episode below where they debate […]

  • Check Out GeekDown!

    One of things I most enjoy is getting together with fellow geeks and debating geeky things.  Sadly, there aren’t many geeks in my area so those conversations tend to be few and far between.  Luckily, there is a web show that goes a long way in scratching that itch. What is this awesome show?  Its […]