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  • Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Final Gameplay Trailer Released

    Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Final Gameplay Trailer Released

    It has been a long time since I have been truly excited about the upcoming release of a game.  Given the thousands of games I have in my backlog that I have yet to play, I have a hard time getting really excited for new games these days.  But, now I can honestly say that […]

  • FREE GAME:  Offworld Trading Company

    FREE GAME: Offworld Trading Company

    The weekend is almost here and today is your lucky day because I have found another free PC game for you guys to enjoy!  If you are looking for something new to play and don’t feel like getting out of the house or perhaps because you are quarantined for the corona virus, now you can […]

  • A TARDIS Rubik’s Cube for Puzzle Solving Whovians

    As much as I enjoy a good puzzle, I have never played with a Rubik’s Cube before.  I know that seems kind of odd and perhaps even shocking to some geeks but it is true.  Its not that I wouldn’t mind giving one a shot, I am just never around one.  However, if I had […]

  • This Angry Birds Star Wars Cake is Fantastic! [pic]

    Kids today are very lucky.  They seem to be getting these awesome and geeky cakes that I definitely never had as a kid.  The closest thing to a cool cake I ever remember having was one with a plastic Garfield figure playing golf on the cake.  I certainly was never lucky enough to get the […]

  • Star Wars Death Star Pinata [pic]

    Apparently I never went to the right parties as a kid because I think I have only gotten to take two swings at pinatas in my life.  I guess they just aren’t that popular around here although I can’t understand why they wouldn’t be.  Whats not to love about beating something to pieces with a […]

  • The Doctor Who Workout Routine [pic]

    If all Doctor Who fans are like me, you probably haven’t seen the inside of a gym in years and you could probably need to start going again.  Well, if that idea doesn’t really excite you, now you can do the Doctor Who workout right from your home! I am not sure who created this […]