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  • Will the real iPhone killer please step up [funny cartoon]

    There have been a lot of devices over the past several years that have claimed to be the iPhone killer and none have managed to get the job done.  This cartoon makes fun of that by depicting all of the devices that are believed to be iPhone killers that only end up hurting each other […]

  • Coming soon to the Global Geek News Blog: Reviews!

    Greetings readers! I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while, but I have decided that from now on, I am going to start giving reviews of all of my new tech toys and software.  Whether its a new iPhone app or a new television, I am going to start reviewing everything I get.  I […]

  • Would you want to be buried with your gadgets?

    Greetings Readers! Earlier today, a story was brought to my attention that according to funeral directors, it is becoming common for people to be burried with their favorite gadgets.  From iPods to bluetooth headsets to Blackberry phones, it seems people, especially tech-savvy ones are being buried with their gadgets. Why would people want to be […]