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  • FREE GAME:  Shuyan Saga

    FREE GAME: Shuyan Saga

    If you are looking for some fun 3D fighting action but don’t feel like paying for it, I’ve got the hookup for you!  Right now, the folks over at IndieGala are giving away the game Shuyan Saga for FREE! If you have never heard of Shuyan Saga, you aren’t alone because I hadn’t heard of […]

  • Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Made From Recycled Beer Cans [pic]

    Not too long ago, I posted some really cool video game themed art where Mario and Luigi were made out of aluminum cans and this is the same kind of can art!  Instead of Mario and Luigi, in this case, one person created a Star Wars X-Wing fighter out of beer cans. Flickr user and […]

  • Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Cake [pics]

    In the past, I have posted some pretty amazing Star Wars themed birthday cakes on here such as this awesome Millennium Falcon birthday cake and an AT-AT birthday cake (among many others), but this is the first X-Wing fighter birthday cake I have had the pleasure of posting. This awesome Star Wars X-Wing birthday cake […]

  • Star Wars Batman: Custom LEGO Batjet X-Wing Fighter [pics]

    Here is one of those crazy combinations that I bet you never thought you would ever see.  LEGO mastermind Kevin Ryhal is the creator of this crazy combination of a Star Wars X-Wing fighter (with R2-D2) and Batman’s Batjet (Batman included).  The combination might sound a little strange but it is completely badass.  I think […]

  • Final Fantasy Coaster Set [pic]

    I remember spending a considerable amount of my childhood playing Final Fantasy on the NES and the love for that game really makes me want these awesome drink coasters!  This awesome coaster set features the black mage, white mage, red mage, black belt, fighter and thief from the NES classic.  The coolest part is that […]