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  • Fan Made Legend of Zelda Knife Block

    Fan Made Legend of Zelda Knife Block

    Ever since Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild came out, it seems like everybody is completely obsessed with all things Zelda.  While I have yet to download the game for my Wii U since I am currently trying to catch up on other Zelda games, I have been paying attention to all of the […]

  • Awesome Fan Made Red Dead Redemption Monopoly

    Ever since I was a kid, I have always been a huge fan of the board game Monopoly.  Whether it was playing the traditional tabletop version with my grandfather or just playing it by myself on my GameBoy, I was a big Monopoly fan growing up.  I still play it now on my iPad but […]

  • Doctor Who Guess Who Game [pic]

    The classic board game Guess Who has been around for many years (I played many games of it as a kid), but it seems like nobody even thinks about it anymore because I haven’t even heard the game mentioned in at least a decade.  Well, I think it is time we bring the game back, […]

  • This Fan Made Darth Vader Mailbox is Awesome! [pic]

    In my neighborhood, nobody has the traditional mailbox anymore.  Some have a little metal box attached to the side of their house at the front door or like me, just have a mail slot in the front door itself. Well, it seems one person in an area that still uses the old fashioned mailbox decided […]

  • Amazing Steampunk Portal Gun [pic]

    I love it when people give already geeky objects the steampunk treatment.  There is just something cool about the steampunk style.  Well, Portal fan and DeviantART user batman-n-bananas has given the iconic Portal gun a steampunk overhaul.  The list of materials involved in this amazing steampunk Portal gun build are listed below as well as […]

  • Fan Made Assassin’s Creed III Replica Tomahawk [pic]

    When some people see something they like, they waste no time in replicating it.  Apparently DeviantART user Fevereon is one of those people.  It was only a few days ago that the first video of Assassin’s Creed III was released and Fevereon has already created a replica tomahawk from the game’s trailer.  Oh, and it […]