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  • Amazing Fallout: New Vegas Cosplay [pic]

    I have yet to get around to playing Fallout: New Vegas (my backlog of unplayed games is HUGE) but I do know the game has quite a following so I thought you guys might enjoy this AMAZING Fallout: New Vegas cosplay.  This New California Republic Ranger is being sported by cosplayer Nanahra.  I’d say this […]

  • Guy Builds Real Life Fallout Pip-Boy 3000 [pic + video]

    I’ve seen people make their favorite items out of various video games, but this Pip-Boy 3000 might just be the best.  YouTube user MyMagicPudding is the builder of this piece of Fallout awesomeness and I would say he did a pretty good job with what works.  Unfortunately, there are two problems with this prototype.  First, […]

  • Fallout Monopoly Game [pic]

    I have never managed to play more than about an hour of any of the Fallout games but this version of Monopoly in the style of the video game is epic!  Now for the bad news… this isn’t something you can buy.  This amazing looking Fallout version of Monopoly was created by DeviantART user PinkAxolotl […]