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  • Video Game Addict Invades McDonalds [pic]

    Ever since McDonalds started to put wifi in their fast food restaurants, its not uncommon to see somebody eating some fries while working away on their laptop or even playing a handheld gaming device like a PSP online.  Well, this guy decided to apparently take things to the next level and bring in a small […]

  • Fail! Apple MacBook as a Book [pic]

    It never ceases to amaze me just how many stupid things make it passed the editors and into books, magazines, pamphlets, ect.  Considering how drawn people are to pictures, you would have thought that a mistake this big surely would have been caught before going to print but apparently some people out there are even […]

  • Apple Store iPhone Display Running Windows XP [pic]

    I never really thought about it, but having Apple’s iPhone run Windows XP sounds like kind of a neat idea.  I’ve seen Sony’s PSP running Windows 98 and this idea seems even cooler than that.  Sadly, its just the iPhone display in an Apple Store that is running Windows XP.  I find it kind of […]

  • The Biggest Domino Pyramid Ever… Almost [video]

    Image via Wikipedia I’ve always loved playing with dominoes (not the makers of the pizza that tastes like cardboard) although I have sadly not had any to play with since I was a kid.  I do still enjoy watching people build some amazing things with them and then watching them all fall.  Generally speaking though, […]

  • Mall floor ad campaign stops working [pics]

    As somebody who spends a good bit of my free time coding, I have a great love for the site known as The Daily WTF.  If you haven’t heard of the site, it highlights the boneheaded mistakes of programmers that don’t really know what they are doing and the results tend to be hilarious.  Every […]

  • No Global Geek News Podcast this week

    I hate when I have to post bad news.  There won’t be a Global Geek News Podcast this week although we will be back next week like normal.  Why won’t there be a podcast this week?  Glad you asked! Myself and Wesley did the show on Monday night like normal and as we finished recording […]