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  • Fantastic Exploding TARDIS Pumpkin

    Fantastic Exploding TARDIS Pumpkin

    With Halloween just over two weeks away, its that time of year again where I find some incredible geeky pumpkin carvings to share with you all!  This morning I happened to stumble across this fantastic exploding TARDIS pumpkin carving that Doctor Who fans are sure to fall in love with!  Its good enough to make you […]

  • Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS Boxers

    Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS Boxers

    One of those always interesting life questions is whether a person prefers briefs of boxers?  I’ve always been a briefs guy not because I dislike boxers but just because I have never really given them a chance as I haven’t felt a need to change as I generally like briefs, even if they can be […]

  • Exploding TARDIS Halloween Pumpkin [pic]

    I know Halloween is over and I promise to stop posting Halloween pumpkins soon, but there are just a couple more that I have found that are so good I can’t help but post about them.  This exploding TARDIS pumpkin carving is perhaps my favorite jack-o-lantern that I have seen this year and I am […]

  • Van Gogh Exploding TARDIS Shirt [pic]

    I’ve always been a big fan of the painter Vincent Van Gogh even to the point that a couple of my gadgets like my iPod Touch use his paintings as wallpaper.  I’m also a big Doctor Who fan (obviously!). When Doctor Who brought Van Gogh into the storylines with the exploding TARDIS painting, it absolutely […]

  • Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS Jigsaw Puzzle [pic]

    Its rare that I sit down and work on a puzzle, but when I do, I enjoy a good challenge and I have a feeling this 1,000 piece Doctor Who exploding TARDIS puzzle would give me that challenge.  This awesome jigsaw puzzle measures 20″ x 27″ and can be yours for just $16.95 from Neatoshop.  […]