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  • Let the Power of the Dark Side Flow Throw You With This Darth Vader Cake [pic]

    When it comes to Star Wars cakes, I have posted some pretty impressive ones in the past.  Ironically, I find the most impressive ones tend to be the Darth Vader cakes.  For example, a while back I posted a 500 lb life-size Darth Vader cake and then there was one with Darth Vader surrounded by […]

  • This Stormtrooper Snow Sculpture is Impressive! [pic]

    One of the things I love about this time of year is all of the cool snow and ice sculptures that people make.  Of course none of them are coming from around here as I can’t even remember the last time we got any rain or snow and even most of our ski resorts don’t […]

  • Geektastic Darth Vader Birthday Cake [pic]

    If you got a Star Wars cake for your birthday, what would you want the cake to look like?  Depending on who your favorite character is will probably determine which cake you want, however if it is a Darth Vader cake you would want, perhaps you will want an awesome Darth Vader topped Star Wars […]

  • Impressive Darth Vader Cake [pic]

    Last week, I posted perhaps the most impressive Darth Vader cake ever that weighed in at over 500 pounds, and now I have another one that while it is not quite as monolithic, is still very impressive! This rather awesome Darth Vader cake which shows the top half of Darth Vader surrounded by flames was […]

  • Star Wars Ying Yang Tattoo [pic]

    I can’t say I have ever cared for the Ying Yang symbol but that is just me.  However, the Star Wars version of it in the picture below is pretty cool.  There is nothing that shows geek balance quite like having the Rebel and Empire logos tattooed on your arm in a ying yang pattern.  […]

  • Star Wars Scout Trooper Made From Vegetables [pics]

    Do you remember Sushi Chef Oki?  He is the guy that crafted the awesome looking Darth Vader out of carrots that I posted recently.  Well, he is back in action again but this time he is using a combination of carrots and sweet potatoes to make an Imperial scout trooper with an Endor salad.  I can’t […]