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  • Handmade Electric C-3PO Star Wars Guitar

    Handmade Electric C-3PO Star Wars Guitar

    Even though I can’t play an instrument, being a huge metalhead, I still enjoy seeing really cool custom guitars.  I’ve posted a ton of custom guitars in the past including a Koopa Troopa electric guitar, a stunning Halo guitar and even a Lord of the Rings acoustic guitar and I think the C-3PO guitar below […]

  • Amazing Custom Super Mario Electric Guitar [pic + video]

    Although I have a tremendous love for music and spend most of my waking hours listening to it, I can’t say I have a musical bone in my body.  As a kid, I could play the recorder and peck out a few songs on the piano, but I have never seriously tried to learn to […]

  • Koopa Troopa Electric Guitar [pic]

    YouTube is filled with people playing music from their favorite video games on their musical instrument of choice, but of all of the ones I have seen (and I have seen a lot), none have ever had a guitar as cool or geeky as this amazing Koopa Troopa guitar. Reddit user and presumably huge Super […]

  • Custom Steampunk Guitar [pic]

    I always enjoy posting about some geeky musical instruments but this is the first time I have ever seen a steampunk electric guitar before so I figured I should post it.  Tony Cochran is the steampunk loving musical instrument builder behind this beautiful looking steampunk guitar and apparently he makes steampunk electric guitars and bass […]