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  • Fallout 4 PlayStation Controller Mod

    Fallout 4 PlayStation Controller Mod

    In the past I have posted a lot of really cool gaming console mods but controller mods are harder to come by. ¬†Of course a lot of those console mods I have featured in the past (which you can see if you just search for ‘console mods’ in the search box on the right) have […]

  • Global Geek News Podcast #22

    Here are the shownotes for episode #22 for the Global Geek News Podcast. Subscribe on iTunes Download the MP3 Help support us with a $5/mo subscription! Stories: Study finds pirates buy 10x more music online than non-pirates $62,000 movie download a result of poor travel planning Gamefly: USPS handles DVD rentals with kid gloves, ignores […]