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  • Mind Blowing Skyrim Dovahkiin in Full Daedric Armor Cosplay [pics]

    In the past, I have posted some pretty mind blowing Skyrim cosplay as well as some really nice Aela the Huntress Skyrim cosplay but this Dovahkiin in full Daedric armor cosplay blows them out of the water.  If it was possible to have cosplay that looks too amazing, I think this might just be it.  […]

  • Awesome Female Dovahkiin Cosplay [Pic]

    Like most gamers these days, I have become slightly obsessed with Skyrim (not that I have a tremendous amount of free time to play it) but it seems that no matter how much I enjoy something, there will always be somebody else that goes one step further than I will to show their love for […]