Tag: Do it yourself

  • This Boba Fett Helmet Lamp Awesome and You Can Make Your Own! [pics]

    One of the reasons I have been looking for a new desk is because mine really doesn’t give me much room to do anything cool with like have a lamp.  Unfortunately, it seems to be impossible to find a desk that does what I want it to so I am coming to the conclusion that […]

  • DIY Pac-Man Shower Curtain [pic]

    I’ve never been a huge fan of the shower curtains that you find at various retail stores as they seem to be more designed for a women’s sense of fashion more than a geeks sense of fashion.  You can find some geekier ones online like the Periodic Table shower curtain available from ThinkGeek for $30 […]

  • DIY 555 Timer Chip Footstool [pic]

    I love posting geeky things that people have created, but I love it even more when they post a guide on how to make the geeky item for yourself!  In this case, a computer hardware geek has taken a 555 timer chip and made a very large version of it designed to be what I […]

  • DIY: Turn a NES console into a flash drive [video + pics]

    Do you have an old Nintendo NES console with some games laying around that don’t work anymore?  Perhaps this would be the perfect opportunity to turn those paperweights into a super geeky flash drive and USB port.  Thanks to the Instructables user Fungus Amungus, we now have a guide of how to do just that.  The […]

  • DIY: Build an arcade machine out of a netbook

    For a while now, I have had the idea of turning my basement into a small arcade with a number of old arcade machines, pinball machines and more.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the desire to tackle the mess in my basement and I really don’t have the kind of room I need anyway.  Enter the […]

  • DIY Star Trek style air powered sliding doors [video]

    If you are a major Star Trek fan like me, you have probably fantasized of powered doors in your house that open and close like in Star Trek more than a few times.  The awesome site Instructibles has not only made this dream become their reality, but they have posted a step by step guide […]