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  • TRON Fingernail Art [pic]

    I’m starting to think that starting another blog about geeky fingernail art wouldn’t be such a bad idea because there seems to be an endless amount of it!  It feels like I come across some new geeky fingernail art almost daily!  However, I am pretty sure this is the first time I have ever seen […]

  • Disney Makes Awesome Chocolate Darth Vader Cupcakes [pic]

    Some might consider this cupcake a chocolate overload (myself included), but this is a chocolate overload of awesomeness! Apparently on Star Wars weekends, Disney’s Hollywood Studios sells these amazing chocolate Darth Vader cupcakes.  I’m not sure how much they are selling them for, but can you really put a price on a Darth Vader cupcake […]

  • Playing Video Games on Splash Mountain [pic]

    I’ve seen all kind of crazy pictures of people doing weird things while riding on Splash Mountain at the various Disney theme parks but this one takes the cake.  Apparently a few gamers decided that it would be cool to get pictured playing their Nintendo GameCube while on the ride.  It seems you can maximize […]

  • This Glow in the Dark TRON Dress is Sexy! [pic]

    This may hurt my geek cred, but I have to admit that I have never seen TRON.  The closest I have come is to watch TRON guy on America’s Got Talent.  Perhaps after I am done working my way through Doctor Who, I will go back and check out TRON.  Anyway, this super sexy TRON […]

  • Hulu to start charging users for views soon? News Corp says yes

    Greetings Readers! Daily Finance is reporting that Jonathan Miller, New’s Corps new chief digital officer stated at an Internet Week event last night that he envisions that at least some TV shows and movies will be available only to paying subscribers in the future.  News Corp is part owner in Hulu with NBC Universal and […]

  • Global Geek News Podcast #19

    Here are the shownotes for episode #19 for the Global Geek News Podcast. Subscribe on iTunes Download the MP3 Help support us with a $5/mo subscription! Stories: IBM to reportedly buy Sun for $7 billion Phoenix police raid home of critical blogger Texas bans Vista from government computers Study:  Facebook and YouTube at work makes […]