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  • How to make Bing photos your Windows desktop wallpaper

    One of the most popular features of Microsoft’s Bing search engine is the background images that are changed every day on Bing.com.  They always seem to find some amazing photos and now you can have those photos as your desktop wallpaper!  The crew over at Tekzilla found the handy project called Bingrounder over on Codeplex that…

  • How to maximize desktop space in Windows [video]

    The crew over at Tekzilla has posted another helpful video about how to maximize the desktop space in Windows using an app called WinMaximumize.  Check out the video below to find out all of the details and see how you can benefit from maximizing the desktop space in Windows.

  • What is on your desktop?

    Over the years, I have noticed two types of computer users. Those with a neat, tidy and organized desktops and those whose desktops looks like a virtual tornado ripped through spewing files, folders and shortcuts from one corner of the screen to the other.  Unfortunately, most people don’t realize the value of an organized desktop.…