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  • The Ultimate Super Mario Apartment

    The Ultimate Super Mario Apartment

    Its not very often that I say I am jealous of kids but I do kind of envy them for being able to have really cool themed bedrooms.  One of the bad things about being an adult is that its hard to have a cool video game themed bedroom without risking being labeled as the […]

  • Epic Lord of the Rings One Ring Dining Room

    Epic Lord of the Rings One Ring Dining Room

    One of the bad parts about having a small house is that I don’t have a dining room. I used to have a dining room table set up in a corner of my living room but there just wasn’t enough room for it so now it is sitting in my basement in pieces.  I can’t […]

  • Incredible Super Mario Bros Themed Room

    I used to enjoy watching that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition show years ago just to see the beautiful homes they would build but the themed kids rooms were always a pet peeve of mine.  Kids are constantly changing their minds about what they like and what they don’t like so it seems like a bad […]

  • Super Mario Bros Wall Graphics [pic]

    A lot of people think that each room in the house needs to have its own theme and what better theme could you have than the classic Super Mario Bros game?  Nothing screams old school gamer more than some side-scrolling, 8-bit Mario action on your walls! Well, for those looking to do a little redecorating, […]

  • Amazing Mario, Donkey Kong and Pac-Man Bathroom [pics]

    Not too long after I changed focus from Global Geek News being a tech news and opinion site to a geek culture site, I posted about a mind blowing Super Mario Bros bathroom.  I honestly never expected to see something like that again, much less one that was even cooler.  Well, here it is! Somebody […]

  • Spider-Man Themed Bathroom [pics]

    I’ve always been one who wants to get in and out of the bathroom as fast as possible so I have never seen any need to decorate it to any great extent.  However, I love seeing some really geeky themed bathrooms.  In this particular case, a Spider-Man fan gave his bathroom the Spider-Man treatment with […]